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Reseller opportunity

Our products are quickly gaining notoriety in the custom painting and the PLASTI DIP world. Many custom painters use our quality pearls, candies, and metallic flakes. Now the opportunity to resell our products is here. When you sell Auto Pearls products, you are selling high quality products at a fraction of the price that some of the major manufacturer’s ask you to sell them for, and you have a great opportunity to provide a custom color for custom-paint and Rubber coatings. The beauty of our products is that it can be applied to both custom paints and to powder coatings. Our products all come pre-packaged in generous 25 gram bags and will be a perfect match for those who seek a high-quality alternative to the custom paint.


The Profits are yours.
As your order grows, the discounts increase.

With a minimum order of €300.00 to  become an authorized reseller of our products. Your discount for your initial order will allow for a healthy profit, while allowing you to price our products to easily compete with the prices offered on our website. Please email us with questions on pricing, and include your company name in the email, so that we may ensure legitimacy of your company.

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