Pearl and Pigment uses, applications, and % proportions
The suggested mixing ratios to use Pearls with Plasti Dip is as follows:
  •  50 grams of Pearls mixed into each gallon of either Clear Rubber Dip Spray, or a 50/50 mix of Clear Rubber Dip Spray and Glossifier.
  •  25 grams of Micro Flakes into each gallon of Glossifier
  • Use 75 grams for all color shifting Pearls.
  • 1/2 quart of Naptha thinner should be added to each gallon after Pearls are added, to maintain an easily sprayable consistency.
  • In general and if you want a result similar to our product examples, Pearl mixtures should be applied over a base coat of either black or color matched Rubber Dip Spray.

Paint Applications

UsageProportion (%)
Automobile Surface Pain and Refinished Paints5-15
Bicycle Paints5-12
Daily Electric Appliance Paints4-10
Inner and Outer Wall Paints5-15
Toy Paints5-10
Coating Powders<2

 These are simply guidelines.  Adjustments can be made based on your personal preference.